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Arrowhead find

3 lb paydirt

5 lb Lucky Strike

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School Events 

Looking for a great way to reach and inspire your students?  Gem mining and Geode cracking is a sure bet to get them engaged and involved.  We can do individual classes, specific grades (multiple classes) or a larger scale entire school event.

We are also a great fit for Homeschool groups and Charter Schools to bring kids together for an exciting event.


We are 100% willing to work to put together whatever we can for your specific situation.  Let us know what you are thinking and we will work with you the best we can to make it happen! 

Party Rentals 
$125 + the cost of mining rough

Rent our small set up for your next party!!! Within a 25 mile radius we charge $125 for set up, tear down and rental fee.  More than 25 miles subject to mileage charge.

Each participant requires a separate bag of "mining rough".

Pricing Starts at $5 per bag and goes up from there (see options under "Mining Rough" )


Geode cracking is now available also!!!

We can set up our geode cracker and each participant can also crack a geode.  We set it up and they can crank it until it cracks!!!

Mining Rough

5 lb Lucky Strike

2 lb Prospector                                       $6

  • 3+ oz Gemstones

3 lb Paydirt                                                      $10

  • 6+ oz Gemstones

Arrowhead find                                               $8

  • 7 stone arrowheahs

5 lb Lucky Strike                                            $12

  • 9+ oz Gemstones

5 lb Emerald Strike                                        $15

  • 6+ oz Gemstones

  • 3+ oz Emeralds

Fossil find                                                       $10

  • 4+ oz Fossil mix

  • 1/2 oz shark teeth


Fossil Dig                                                        $15

  • 8+ oz Fossil mix

  • 1/2 oz shark teeth

The Mother load                                            $30

  • 10+ oz. of gemstone mix

  • 2 Educational Gemstone/Fossil combo postcard

  • 4 oz. fossil mix

  • 1 oz. Shark teeth (15-20 teeth)

  • 2 arrowheads

  • 1 large specimen of Amethyst druzy

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